Fish Restocking

On May 2, 2021, 824,850 (target was 600/acre so slightly exceeded that) Walleye fry which are 7-10 days old roughly around an inch long were stocked in Bass Lake by DNR. Bass Lake is one of the few lakes in Northern Indiana where we are able to stock fry and they live. These fish feed on zooplankton for a month or so before switching to prey fishes. They were stocked to provide a primary sportfish opportunity at Bass Lake. Other than crappies not that many species in the lake that anglers regularly target most likely limited by habitat. Walleyes in most of our lakes do not have the spawning habitat requirements so continued stocking is needed to maintain the population. 

DNR has been evaluating this stocking as they have done many times in the past with fall nighttime electrofishing, a report on that should be available later this fall/winter. 

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact the Bass Lake Conservancy District at 574-772-2974.

Date Published: 2021-10-22 11:45:53